Two thirds of Brits admit to big Wi-Fi mistake that will slow down their connection this Christmas – change it now


BRITS have admitted making two key connection mistakes this Christmas could slow down their speeds.

Two thirds told Virgin Media O2 they put their Christmas lights in the same room as their broadband router.


Fairy lights close to your router can be a problemCredit: Getty

Christmas lights are a known interference for Wi-Fi, so it’s best to keep them as far apart as possible.

They shouldn’t be near any extenders you use either.

But another massive error is decorating your hub.

Of those surveyed, one in three Gen Z broadband users said they wrapped their router in tinsel.

Tinsel is not a good idea because the reflective sparkle can deflect signals – a bit like mirrors do.

The firm has also recommended that households prepare ahead of the big day by downloading any huge software updates in advance if possible.

This applies to things like the PS5 and Xbox, especially any large games people may give.

According to the research, two thirds of Brits fail to do this despite being reliant on connectivity.

Other findings reveal that half of respondents intend to enforce a screen time limit on their guests so they spend quality time together.

And nearly a quarter of Christmas hosts expect guests to financially contribute towards the big day too.

Top tips on how to stay connected

Here are some tips from Ofcom on how to improve your Wi-Fi connection and get more out of it:

  1. Use your landline or Wi-Fi calls:More people are making calls on their mobile network during the day, so you may find you get a more reliable connection using your landline or by turning on “wifi calling” in your settings.
  2. Move your router clear of other devices: Keep your router as far away as possible from other devices, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, TVs and monitors, as they can all affect your Wi-Fi if they’re too close to your router. Also, place your router on a table or shelf rather than on the floor, and keep it switched on.
  3. Lower the demands on your connection: The more devices attached to your wifi, the lower the speed you get. Devices like tablets and smartphones often work in the background, so try switching wifi reception off on these when you’re not using them.
  4. Try wired rather than wireless:For the best broadband speeds, use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router rather than using Wi-FI.
  5. Plug your router directly into your main phone socket:Where possible, try not to use a telephone extension lead, as these can cause interference which could lower your speed.
  6. Test the speed on your broadband line: You can run a speed test using Ofcom’s official mobile and broadband checker. If possible, carry out tests over a few days and see if there are any changes.