Video game Deluxe Editions have doubled the price of gaming and fans are furious


THE price of games and consoles are increasing all the time, making an expensive hobby even more pricey.

With the number of games releasing, gamers have had to make some sacrifices, choosing more carefully the games they want to buy.


Infinite Wealth locks New Game + behind a paywall.Credit: Sega

One part of this that has been making the choices even harder is a concerning trend that’s been happening in gaming.

Games are locking off more content than ever behind additional purchases at not insignificant price points.

The one that people are taking notice of is the rise of Deluxe Editions where the main draw is that you are able to play the game before its official release date.

Players have to pay up to £20/$20 over the already steep £70/$70 price tag, just to play the game as soon as it is available.

People who purchase these Deluxe Editions can play games up to a week early, making them an essential top-up for some players.

The hype around a game is highest when it’s released, and purchasing it later carries a risk of seeing spoilers on social media.

It seems wild that a game would not be available to those who purchase it on the day it first becomes available, but this is almost the norm now.

However, the release date isn’t the only thing that developers are now putting behind a paywall.

A recent example is the release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which has received glowing reviews across the board.

While the game will release for everyone on the same date, extra classes for your team and even New Game+ are both hidden behind additional costs.

Sonic Origins is one of the worst examples of this as something as essential as the main menu and cutscenes were locked behind the Deluxe Editions.

As long as people continue to purchase these more expensive premium editions, developers will continue to release games with content that should be standard behind a paywall.

It’s an upsetting trend that is happening, and while people fear the £100/$100 game coming, I would argue that it is already here.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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