What to buy to make everyday tasks feel luxurious


“[The EV9] breaks new ground as a family vehicle and aims to redefine the standards for design, connectivity, useability and environmental responsibility,” says Kia executive vice president and head of global design, Karim Habib.

When time is short, you’ll appreciate the ultra-fast-charge capability — a full charge from 10 up to 80 per cent can be completed in as little as 25 minutes*. Safety has also been carefully considered, and the Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) technologies continuously monitor surroundings, ready to react automatically if needed, Habib explains.

The high-definition infotainment system features a generous navigation screen, digital, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, satellite navigation and more. Meanwhile, USB charging points in all three rows will keep the kids happy and their devices charged. In line with Kia’s sustainability mission, leather has been phased out in favour of innovative and luxurious biomaterials fabricated from corn, sugar cane and natural oils.

“The EV9 provides instinctive experiences and excellent comfort for not just the driver, but all occupants, through innovative use of space, technology and design,” Habib notes.

A chic way to tame the clutter

As a nation, we’re in near-unanimous agreement that working from home is a positive thing. But WFH often also means a trail of work detritus snaking its way from your workplace to your home office. Stationery, staplers, bound copies of that presentation you gave last month — without regular attention, all of them can quickly turn into piles of clutter throughout the home.

This isn’t only bad for aesthetics. Experts say it’s important to be able to ‘close the door’ on a home workplace to allow your mind to relax after-hours — and those leaning towers of paperwork aren’t exactly helping.

If you tend to stash rather than sort your stuff, at the very least you need somewhere chic to hide it. Ditch the standard-issue filing cabinet and instead, try one of Sagitine’s storage stands. Originally designed for shoe storage, they work equally well as a sophisticated home-office storage system. The eight-box Florence Stand is a splurge but, in rose-gold or terracotta, it also doubles as a stylish piece of furniture.

The boxes are crafted from heavy card with leather pulls and the stands have polished walnut tops. No one will ever guess they’re storing your expense receipts from six years ago.

The bathroom cleaner you’ll actually want to use

Time and again, cleaning the bathroom consistently ranks as the chore we hate the most — to the surprise of absolutely no one. And if you’ve ever accidentally inhaled noxious ammonia fumes while scrubbing the bathtub, you might have considered skipping this task altogether.

Fortunately, there’s another way. Founded in 2008, Australian company Murchison-Hume was ahead of the curve with its non-toxic cleaning products that boast chic scents like fig and white grapefruit. The Bathroom Cleaner effortlessly eliminates grime and odours to leave your bathroom sparkling. It’s such a pleasure to use, you might even make cleaning time a regular thing.

To learn more about the Kia EV9 visit www.kia.com/au/cars/ev9.

*Figures apply to Kia EV9 Air RWD Standard Range variants. Charging times are dependent on charging conditions, including home charging type and condition, battery temperature as well as ambient temperature.