Who is Kane Lee on 24 Hours in Police Custody?thedigitalchaps


AN instalment of Channel 4’s popular crime series 24 Hours in Police Custody follows officers as they bring down a major drug line located in Luton.

One name that features in the series is Kane Lee. Here we take a look at who Kane Lee is, where he is now, and how long he was jailed for.


Kane Lee pictured on 24 Hours in Police CustodyCredit: Channel 4

Who is Kane Lee?

In 2017, Kane Lee was sentenced and placed behind bars for his involvement in a major drug line located in Luton – which was used to sell £100,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine a week.

Camera crews followed officers from The Eastern Region Special Operations Unit, who were working alongside Bedfordshire Police and the National Crime Agency, as they investigated a gang of drug dealers, who used a telephone number known as ”The Kane Line”.

Drug users in Luton were given a number for the “Kane Line” to arrange collection of drugs, said Assistant Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst.

Mr Rodenhurst said the gang “made a lot of money and caused a lot of harm” by using the phone line, a method which is an “increasing trend”.

Following a six-month investigation, 10 simultaneous search warrants were executed, resulting in a number of arrests.

Detective Inspector Andy Duddle, ERSOU, said: ”This was a highly organised drugs supply gang, whose criminality would have had far-reaching, damaging effects on many vulnerable people within our society.

”This is made all the more concerning by the fact that children were recruited into this criminal ring. Drugs ruin lives and contribute to crime and anti-social behaviour, causing significant danger and disruption to neighbourhoods.

”ERSOU is committed to cracking down on organised crime and high-level drugs offences.”

How long was Kane Lee jailed for?

Kane Lee, who was described as the ”ringleader” was sentenced to eight years in prison for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Also featuring in the Channel 4 episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody is street dealer Luke Hammond.

Hammond was sentenced to three years in prison for supplying Class A drugs.

As well as Lee and Hammond, 10 others were jailed.

All nine men and three boys were charged with a range of offences including conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, supplying Class A drugs, and possession.

They each pleaded guilty and their sentences ranged from eight years in prison to youth rehabilitation orders.

At the time, Detective Inspector Andy Duddle added: ”I am pleased to see such a lengthy shared jail sentence passed down today.

”This should serve as a warning to all those who become involved in drugs – you will be targeted and dealt with severely by the courts.”

Where is Kane Lee now?

It is not known where Kane Lee is as of January 2024.

Following a police investigation which led to his arrest in 2017, not much information has been shared regarding Kane Lee or his whereabouts.