Why is my Owlet sock app not working?


BABY monitors have gotten a whole lot smarter and are now able to provide parents with detailed information on their child.

The Owlet Dream sock and the app can provide parents with their baby’s blood oxygen level, heart rate, and its sleep patterns.


Users reported the Owlet app was not workingCredit: Walmart

1. What is the Owlet dream sock app?

The Owlet dream sock app is an app which tells parents about their child’s biological signs.

There are different sizes of socks, with the company claiming parents can use its products from when the baby arrives home to its first day of school.

In November, Owlet announced that the sock had received FDA-approval, making it the first approved in the US.

2. How does it work?

The app works by receiving health data through a sock that the child wears which contains sensors that monitor the baby.

The app claims to let parents know when the child “really needs you” as alerts will ping when readings move outside of certain preset levels.

The sock works like the pulse oximeter that is used in a hospital, those are the clips that are placed on the end of a finger.

The child’s data is sent to a base station next to the tot, that station can be connected via Bluetooth to a phone.

3. Why is it not working?

Parents on Reddit have been reporting connection issues saying they are unable to see the sock that should be connected to the app.

Some parents said they believed the app was down due to an update that was scheduled to be rolled out.

There has been no public comment from Owlet, but The Sun has approached them for comment.

4. When will it start working again?

It is unknown so far when the app will start working again, but presuming it is a software update, the app should work again soon.

5. What should I do when my owlet app isn’t working?

With the app not working, parents should take closer physical notice of their children.

If they are really worried about their child’s condition, they should take them to a doctor or to the hospital.

Parents can monitor their child when they sleep in another room with devices


Parents can monitor their child when they sleep in another room with devicesCredit: Getty