Wild moment conspiracy theorist launches into bizarre tirade after they are swarmed by cops and their car towed away because ‘driver refused a breath test’thedigitalchaps


Wild footage has captured the moment two conspiracy theorists slammed a group of policemen for ‘stealing’ their car after one allegedly refused to take a breath test.

As many as six officers swarmed Trish and David’s home in Notting Hill, east Melbourne, on Friday to impound their car.

The police alleged David had refused to take a breath test earlier and requested he hand over his keys.

However, his partner, Trish, immediately told off police officers for ‘wasting’ their time and asked, ‘when are they gonna get educated?’

Trish filmed the entire altercation unfold with the officers hit with a barrage of wild accusations that included claims they were working for an ‘illegal corporate government’ and that law enforcement protected ‘paedophiles’.

A pair of conspiracy theorists, David and Trish, tried to prevent their car being towed on Friday after David allegedly refused to undergo a breath test (pictured, David talking with an officer)

‘David never hit anybody, never physically touched anybody, just refused – no, they say he refused to do a breathalyser,’ Trish said.

After a brief back-and-forth, one of the officers asked Trish about a ‘smart cities’ sticker on the back of her car.

‘You don’t know about the smart cities? You better look into the council website and find out about it. They gate everything off in a 15-minute perimetre and you’re not allowed in or out of it,’ she told him

‘So who’s doing that,’ the officer asked.

‘Your freemason government and your councils that are illegal,’ Trish said. 

Trish and David continued to bicker with police, calling them ‘pathetic’ and threatening to sue them for damages to their car.

‘This is where your taxpayer money goes folks, all for a breathalyser. This is a joke,’ Trish said.

At one point, she questioned why David was asked to undergo a breath test when he wasn’t drinking and was told by one of the officers ‘it’s the law’.

‘Whose law?’ she asked.

‘It’s Victoria’s law,’ the officer said. 

Trish shot back: ‘Victoria, Victoria who?’

The officer answered: ‘The state of Victoria.’

‘Are you saying the government, the illegal corporate government?’ Trish asked.

‘It’s the Road Safety Act, it’s legislation,’ the officer said.

‘Road safety legislation? Leg-lie-slation,’ Trish said. 

Trish (above) accused officers of 'stealing' their car by towing it because 'the government didn't pay for it'

Trish (above) accused officers of ‘stealing’ their car by towing it because ‘the government didn’t pay for it’

The couple got more defensive when the tow truck finally arrived with Trish telling officers: ‘You can’t take it, that’s theft.

‘We won’t be paying the fine to get it out and you didn’t pay for it, the government didn’t pay for it.’

As the tow truck backed closer to their car, David stepped in front of it with his arms crossed and demanded one of the officers handed over his ‘business card’.

‘Once I’ve got his business card, do whatever you like,’ he said.

Eventually the policemen got tired of trying to reason with David and gave him a final warning to move off the road.

‘I think it’s time to move, he’s gonna drop it down, alright? So if you want to over here,’ one officer said.

However, David refused to move so three officers grabbed his arms and walked him over to his lawn, all while he screamed ‘don’t touch me’.

‘Leave him alone. You’re standing on our property, get off it,’ Trish yelled.

‘Don’t touch me. Touch me and I’ll put your jaw through the back of your f***ing head,’ David told an officer.

The pair then began arguing with officers over the ‘damage’ their car suffered from being towed onto the truck.

As the car was secured on the truck (above), Trish told off officers for 'protecting the illegal corporate government and the sex child trafficking industry'

As the car was secured on the truck (above), Trish told off officers for ‘protecting the illegal corporate government and the sex child trafficking industry’

‘This is why we asked you for the keys, so it didn’t have to get towed,’ an officer told them.

‘Do you really think I’m that stupid to give you the keys to my personal property?,’ David said.

‘Well, now it’s getting dragged up rather than driven up,’ the officer fired back.

As the car was secured on the truck, Trish yelled at officers for protecting ‘peadophiles’ in the ‘illegal corporate government’ who pay police ‘trillions’ to ‘protect the sex child trafficking industry’.

Police gave up with the pair and stood in silence as Trish filmed the car being towed before she threatened to send the footage to Governor of Victoria Margaret Gardner and Premier Jacinta Allan.

‘Absolutely destroying David’s car, we’ll show that in court,’ she said.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Victoria Police for comment.