‘Wish I’d done that at the beginning’ say PS5 owners as genius tricks to free up storage revealed


YOU might be squandering your precious PlayStation storage without realising.

If you’ve got a PS5, there’s a simple mistake that you’ll want to look for right now.


Make sure you’re not wasting your PS5 storageCredit: Sony PlayStation

The trick was posted in a Reddit thread on the PS5 subreddit, and titled “tip to save space”.

The user wrote: “I saw a YouTube video that said there’s an option to disable recordings after you unlock a trophy.

They continued: “I went over to my recordings and saw that there was around 100MB of space used by the recordings.

“That’s not much because my PS5 is new but those rack up every time you unlock a trophy.”

Sadly, this trophy video system can take up significant amounts of storage.

One user said: “I just figured this out as well.

“Turns out I had like 20 gigs of these stupid recordings I knew nothing about.”

Another noted: “Wish I’d done that at the beginning. It’s going to take me a week to delete all the trophy capture.”

Another user noted: “I turned off recording and screenshots on trophies. I don’t see a use for it.

“I can always just hit the Share button when a trophy pops if I want to save it for later.”

Turning off the feature is extremely easy.

Just go into Settings > Captures and Broadcasts, then choose Auto-Captures.

Now select Trophies and look for the Video Clips subheading.

Then simply change the setting to None to prevent any clips from being saved.

Alternatively you could set it to just Platinum so that only the best moments are stored.

But that’s not the whole problem solved: you’ll still have trophy clips that were already saved on your machine.

You’ll then need to go into media and manually delete the old clips to free up space.

Another trick to save space

There’s another simple trick to free up a decent chunk of space.

If you’ve already played it – or have no interest in the game – then consider deleting Astro’s Playroom.

It’s installed by default on every PS5 and is designed to showcase the console’s very clever PlayStation DualSense controller.

You should definitely give it a play as it’s great fun – but you certainly don’t need to keep it on your console.

It takes up 10.98GB on the PS5, which could let you install another small game, some downloadable content, or free up enough extra space to squeeze in that big blockbuster title.

You can reinstall it at any time for free if you change your mind.

Just find the game in your library, tap the Options button, and then hit Delete.