Wordle fans say it’s the ‘worst January ever’ as popular puzzle is down for the fourth time in a matter of days


WORDLE has crashed for the fourth time in a matter of days, with some users saying the outage has dragged on even longer.

Fans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to voice their woes, with one calling this month the “worst January ever” thanks to this recent losing streak.


The outage jeopardises some player’s highly-prized streaksCredit: AFP

The New York Time’s daily word game sees players guess what the five-letter word of the day is within six turns, before waiting until the next day for a new puzzle.

Players can earn streaks by completing the game every day.

Some streaks have even passed the 12-month mark of 375 days – which the outage puts in jeopardy should players not be able to guess today’s word.

“I am on a streak of 499 and Wordle is down,” one player wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Another tweeted: “@nytimes #wordledown yet again, 5th day in a row.

“Not the sort of winning streak am aiming for. What’s happening?”

A third player commented: “Wordle has been down for me for a few days… Site seems down for some users.”

It’s unclear when the game will be back up and running.

The New York Times has yet to make a statement on the outage.

What is Wordle?

WORDLE rose to internet fame quickly, at the tail end of the pandemic.

It has since been played by millions of people across the world.

Wordle was created by software engineer and former Reddit employee, Josh Wardle, and was launched in October 2021.

Wordle challenges players to find a five-letter word in six guesses.

Due to all players solving the same puzzle, there’s a way to directly compare yourself to other users.

Trying to guess a five-letter word without help would be pretty difficult, Wordle helps its players with a color coded system.

Once you guess a word, the letters of your guess will either turn green, yellow, or gray.

If the letter is green, that letter is in the word and is in the correct spot.

If it’s yellow, that letter is in the word but it is not in the correct spot.

If the letter is gray, the letter does not appear at all within the day’s word.

It’s a creative way to help guide players to the right word while also not giving it away.

Users can also turn on hard mode, which forces players to use the hints they’re given, stopping them from guessing words at random.

The game is available to play online.

On January 31, 2022, the game creator sold his popular brain teaser to The New York Times for an undisclosed amount.

Both parties broke the news on the date of the transaction.

How do I check if Wordle is working?

The most obvious thing to do is check the usual Wordle website, see whether it loads, then try some alternative websites.

If the alternatives load, you know it’s not a problem with your broadband or Wi-Fi, but a problem with the Wordle site.

Wordle doesn’t appear to have a service status page, so it’s hard to tell any other way.

How can I contact Wordle?

Wordle is now owned by the New York Times newspaper.

So if you want to contact Wordle’s team, you might want to do it via them.