‘You are a god for this one’ say PS5 users after trying gamer’s trick that instantly unlocks valuable free storage


GAMERS are overjoyed after discovering a genius trick to instantly free up valuable storage on their PlayStation consoles.

If you’ve got a PS5, there’s a simple trick to save you huge amounts of storage space.


Your PS5 has a storage setting that you definitely want to checkCredit: Getty

A PlayStation 5 typically features an 825GB (gigabyte) solid-state drive, of which just 667GB is actually usable.

But that storage space can quickly disappear, especially if you’re installing big games.

In a tips thread posted to Reddit’s PlayStation subreddit, one space-saving trick caught the eye of gamers.

A user posted: “Turn off auto recording for trophies – all the clips/shots can bloat internal storage.”

Every time you earn a PlayStation Trophy – the console’s official name for achievements – a video will be saved.

This means you can end up squandering storage on Trophy videos that you’ll never watch again.

In fact, you might not even realize they’re being saved.

One delighted PS5 owner replied: “Bro I just dumped 21GB by deleting all my trophy captures. And I turned off auto capture. You are a god for this one.”

Another said: “I didn’t know this was a setting, thank you!”

And one added: “Holy s***. I was deleted them manually every month. I just saved some time!!”

How to save Trophy storage space on PS5

It’s extremely easy to fix your Trophy storage woes.

First, go into Settings > Captures and Broadcasts, and then choose Auto-Captures.

Go to Trophies and then look under the subheading for Video Clips.

Change the setting to None and you’ll be able to prevent clips from being saved.

If you want the best Trophies to still be recorded, you could opt for Platinum-only recordings instead.

By changing this setting, you’ll stop future Trophies from being saved as videos on your console.

But that won’t remove existing videos that are already clogging up your storage.

Go into your PlayStation’s media and then manually delete the files to free up storage space that’s being wasted on Trophies.