You’re charging your Ring doorbell battery WRONG during winter – four ways to make device last longer in cold weather


FREEZING temperatures can spell trouble for your Ring doorbell.

The cold can drain your battery a lot faster than usual – but thankfully there are some ways to prevent it.


Get more power out of your Ring doorbellCredit: Amazon

It comes as the UK faces as much as two inches of snow falling in some parts.

To prevent yours running low fast, follow these important tips.

Warm them up before charging

You should always bring your Ring doorbell battery indoors to charge.

When you do, given them a chance to warm up first.

Just leave them to rest on the side at room temperature – don’t do anything dangerous like placing it on a radiator.

Plugging them in straight away could damage the battery’s overall lifespan and actually make charging take even longer.

Always charge fully

It might be obvious but charging fully is especially important during the winter months.

That’s because batteries struggle to keep hold of the power when temperatures fall.

So be patient and wait for them to reach 100 per cent, otherwise you’ll be replacing them more often.

Turn off features that drain the battery

Ring is full of a number of useful features.

But some may be draining your battery faster – maybe you don’t need them on?

Motion detection is one example.

Just be sure you absolutely don’t need them first.

You can always switch them back on once temperatures are not so low.

Face the sun

One way to help your Ring doorbell last longer is putting it somewhere in the sun.

That way, it can still get some warmth to help it through the day.