You’re using iPhone’s Safari wrong and it’s ruining your phone – two ‘secret’ tricks will save you


ONE of the most common Safari mistakes is letting your collection of tabs grow and grow.

If you’re not careful, you can easily end up with hundreds of Safari tabs open on your iPhone.


There’s a quick way to close all of your Safari tabs at onceCredit: The U.S. Sun/Apple

This is messy and cumbersome, but thankfully it’s easy to fix.

Better still, the answer isn’t just using Safari less or closing tabs when you’re done with them.

There are much more effective ways to keep your Safari tidy using two little-known tricks.

They’re both built into your iPhone by default and only take a few seconds to master.

Trick #1 – Close all tabs

The first is a clever trick to instantly close all of your tabs at once.

Open Apple‘s Safari and look for the tabs icon in the bottom-right corner: it’s two overlapping squares.

Hold your finger down on it and a menu will pop up.

You should see an option highlighted in red to close all tabs.

Tap it and you’ll instantly reset your Safari tab page to a totally blank slate.

Trick #2 – Automatic tab closing

If you follow this tip, you might never even need to use the first trick.

You can actually set up Safari to automatically close tabs for you after a set period of time.

That way your Safari will clear itself out and won’t become clogged with hundreds of tabs.

For this, you’ll need to head into your iPhone’s Settings app.

Go to Settings > Safari and then scroll down to the Tabs section.

Tap on Close Tabs and then choose an option.

The default is Manual, but you can set it to automatically close tabs after a day, a week, or a month.

A day is probably too fast, but a week or a month can save your Safari from becoming a total mess without being too annoying.

Remember: you can change this setting at any time if you don’t like it.

And you can still view old content that you’ve looked at previously just by going into your Safari history, even if a tab has been closed.

You can very easily set up automatic closing for Safari tabs


You can very easily set up automatic closing for Safari tabsCredit: The U.S. Sun/Apple