How to block a number on iPhone to stop scammers calling and texting you


KNOWING how to block phone numbers is essential to combatting scam calls and phishing attempts.

This is especially useful if the same number repeatedly tries to reach you.



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It is advised to ignore and block suspected scammers.

If you engage the scammer in conversation – even if you know they’re a crook – it signals to the scammer that your phone number is in active use. 

They – and others they pass your number onto – can then continue to try their different phishing schemes on you.

Whereas if you give them radio silence, and block them, you will not only stop receiving messages and calls – they may even give trying to scam your phone number altogether.

How to block a number on an iPhone

There are several ways you can block a number, depending on what app you prefer to use.

To block an unknown caller, head into Apple’s Phone app > Recents > then tap next to the number or contact you wish to block.

Next, scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap Block this Caller.

The same method can be used if you go into Contacts and tap on the person you want to block.

If you happen to be in Messages, open the conversation with the person you intend to block – as shown in the video.

Tap the contact’s name at the top, then click Info and scroll down until you see Block this Caller.

The same can apply if you’re in the FaceTime.

Just click on the info button next to the contact or number you want to block and follow the above steps.

When you block someone they can still leave you a voicemail but you won’t get a notification about it.

Sent or received messages to the blocked number won’t be delivered.

Will people I block be notified?

The blocked contact won’t be notified that you’ve blocked them so they may think you’re ignoring them at first.

If you’re struggling with junk texts then make sure you click the option to report them.

This option appears when a number that isn’t in your Contacts messages you.

 You can also report spam or junk texts in the Messages app


You can also report spam or junk texts in the Messages appCredit: Apple

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